Mitch F (2019)
Mr. Lazarus’s expertise was directly responsible for helping me secure my ‘dream home’. His poised and professional manner during a highly competitive offer process led to us successfully securing the property at a fair and reasonable price. Mr. Lazarus presented numerous options for my unique situation and pointed out the various pros and cons of each. His unbiased and helpful advice was invaluable in helping me choose the perfect property for my family. Thank you so much, Joel!

Bernard  J. (2019)
Joel is an exceptional individual who is very knowledgeable and passionate about his craft. No stone was left unturned to ensure we understood the process and we got what we wanted. The many challenges we encountered did not deter him even when we were stressed and felt hopeless. He treated our situation with grace and respect. We were always made to feel that our file was the most important. I would highly recommend Joel to any of my friends, family and associates.

Kareena L (2019)
Joel is an exceptional individual who is very knowledgeable and passionate about his craft. No stone was left unturned to ensure we understood the process and we got what we wanted. The many challenges we encountered did not deter him even when we were stressed and felt hopeless. He treated our situation with grace and respect. We were always made to feel that our file was the most important. I would highly recommend Joel to any of my friends, family and associates.

Kieth J (2019)

Laura R (2018)
Joel helped me to find my first house 20 years ago. I instantly knew he was someone I could trust and rely on to do everything in his power to help me in the search for future properties and tenants/rentals. This is why I have and will continue to recommend him to anyway I can in the future. He is fantastic!

Roland A (2018)
I have done business with Joel for many years and can comfortably say he is second to none in the real estate industry. He has lots of experience, very honest, and puts his customers first. I normally make more money whenever he sells or leases out my property. I always get a better deal whenever he buys properties for me.

Nasra W. (2017)
Joel listens to his clients and what they need. He puts his best foot forward and is a true professional.

Ivy B. (2017)
I called Royal LePage in search of an agent who could help me in leasing my condo. I am very lucky that I was assigned to Joel Lazarus. His prompt response and professional approach really made the entire process very easy. Furthermore, Joel went above and beyond and even helped me negotiate my furniture pricing for the new tenant who would be leasing my property. I can’t say enough good things about Joel, his skills reflect years of experience in Real Estate and would highly recommend him. I am very grateful… Thank you Joel.

Noushin A. (2017)
Buying home is an stressful and frustrating situation , so it’s very important to have a knowledgeable and familiar to neighborhoods that Joel showed perfectly, also whatever make Joel more reliable was his knowledge regards home structure and quality, and also he was not made us rush or any force to choose or buy any things. Thanks Joel for helping us.

R.A. (2017)
I have done several real estate transaction with Joel over the years. I can count on him all the step of the way. He is reliable, honest, and always have my back. His knowledge, experience and customer service is second to none in the industry. He is always willing to go the extra mile to get me the best deal whether I am buying, selling, or leasing. I am always happy and extremely satisfied after every transaction. Joel is the real deal! I will always have him at my corner for all my real estate transactions.

Ilona M. (2017)
Joel conducted the entire process of looking and buying a cottage with a positive friendly yet professional manner! it was a pleasure to drive with him long distances to search for a dream property!

Courtney B. (2017)
Joel was beyond the call of duty. He is my only realtor and one which I will actively promote to everyone needing an agent.

Maria C. (2017)
Joel made the process of finding a new home so easy and so enjoyable. I knew that he had my best interests in mind by showing me a wide range of properties, listings, and showing utmost patience. Thank you for partnering with such a professional.

Natalie W. (2017)
Joel has been an exceptional help during the entire process. He communicated with me every step of the way and was always making sure to put my best interests first. I would definitely recommend Joel to all of my family and friends. I could not be happier with his service! 🙂

Ackab R. (2017)
Joel is the best real estate agent I have come across.

Joel W. (2017)
A winner with a caring attitude, Joel Lazarus blew away our expectations and delivered far beyond promised. He was one of the most patient, knowledgeable and understanding people I’ve ever worked with. We wouldn’t have succeed the way we did without him. A thousand recommendations for his unbelievable work. Thank you Joel!

Brian G. (2017)
Joel has always been an amazing agent, going above and beyond to make sure all of our needs are met. He provides wonderful insight and knowledge with all of our real estate needs.

Stephen B. (2017)
have been with Joel close to 10 years in both buying, sell and renting situations. He is the best in terms of knowledge, market pricing, communication etc. He always is available to give advice and make sure we are doing the right actions to help the process.

Dr. Hersh S. (Seller, 2016)
Joel was both personal and very professional. I think he contributed significantly to a win-win for myself and the purchaser.

Kelly K. (Buyer and Seller, 2005)
Joel has assisted me on a number of projects over the past 15 years. His range of expertise and experience is quite impressive. Whatever I needed whether it was rental properties or purchasing properties to rent to others, Joel handled the whole process. Property management, rent collection, maintenance, Joel can do it all. I think the best part of working with Joel is the piece of mind knowing he will take care of your investments as if they were his own. Great guy, pleasure to work with!

Woolfson and Woolfson LLB W. (Seller, 2016)
Excellent service and result!!

Marco J. (Buyer and Seller, 2015)
Joel was very patient in finding us our new home. It took four years to find what we wanted. He listened to our needs and wants for a new home. Always quick to respond to our inquiries and questions. Any issues that arose were quickly dealt with in a calm professional manner. Always willing to go the extra mile to help us out. Strong knowledge of GTA home prices and availability. If he didn’t have an answer he knows someone who does. Would strongly recommend and will deal with again in the future.

Brian G. (Buyer, 2006)
I’ve bought two homes, rented units, and sold property all with the help of Joel. From the very start, he was extremely helpful and helped me learn the ropes through the purchase of my first home. He’s gone well beyond all expectations. He’s helped with PDIs, colour selection and referrals for other services. I’ve been so pleased with Joel’s help that I’ve whole heartedly recommended him to others because he goes that extra mile to help clients. He’s listened to my concerns, never pushed for things that I wasn’t comfortable with and has been an invaluable resource for all my real estate needs. I would, time and time again, gladly refer Joel to others.

Farzaneh H. (Buyer and Seller, 2010)
Professional Personable Licensed Tech savvy Knowledgeable Familiar with the local market Communicates and often Truthful and honest Full time Integrity He is more than a real estate agent he is a friend.

Tien S. (Buyer and Seller, 2015)
Joel is very professional and care about his clients. He did not rush me to buy. When I am interested in a property he will provide me with feedbacks on the conditions of the roof, furnaces and anything which might be a concern. I do recommend him to any new buyers/sellers.

Roderick T. (Seller, 2015)
Joel met with my wife and me as part of our realtor selection process and spent some time outlining what he would do for us to sell our property, is some detail. He was very polite and encouraging and had no issues with our requests..He said he would work with what we wanted in terms of selling price, and he had no concerns about the time of year we were selling our condo. No expensive staging was needed he said. He was always available to take telephone calls and emails, and always responded within a short time, often within minutes. He sold the condo near asking price within a few days and interfaced with the purchaser’s agent very well, making sure the sale would go through smoothly, which it did. He is the best agent I have worked with over the past 25 years and dealing with many other agents…..strongly recommend him!

Debbie A. (Buyer and Seller, 2015)
Joel Lazarus was instrumental in the sale of my old home and the purchase of my new one. The negotiations with respect to the new home were complex and Joel handled these with professionalism and courtesy. He successfully negotiated the best pricing and conditions for my new home. Joel is extremely knowledgeable with respect to real estate and property maintenance.

Michelle G. (Buyer and Seller, 2000-2016)
I have been utilizing Joel’s exceptional real estate services for over 16 years. Joel has assisted with purchasing and selling several properties of mine. In addition, Joel has also assisted on several excellent leases I have procured. Joel’s expertise in all aspects of the real estate experience is invaluable. Thank you

Daphne L. (Seller, 2015)
While I began working with Joel Lazarus to sell my home in downtown Toronto in December, 2015, my relationship with this extremely professional agent has continued until now – and will continue for the foreseeable future. At a time when a number of other ‘big name’ agents were providing low-ball, disinterested appraisals of my waterfront home and telling me that December was the worst time to sell anything, Joel took the opposite tack. He reviewed all available information, spoke with me and with my husband, made no disparaging remarks about our townhome – a unique two-story home, the time of year, the market appraisal, helped us determine a price and sold it for that price within about four days. He did not insist on ‘staging,’ our home did not need that, and we had no time for that kind of excessive work. Joel then helped us, as a rental agent, within about 10 days, to find a suite to rent in the neighbourhood, the exact suite I preferred to rent during this in-between time. Joel continues to work with me on finding a new condominium in my preferred area, and providing specific information and an appropriate and critical referral to another agent for a Kawarthas property previously handled very badly for the past 10 months. What is exceptional is the calmness, professionalism, – manners, an old-fashioned concept that I appreciate and find essential in such circumstance – a quiet and entirely appropriate sense of humour during very stressful times, the provision of specific information and his extensive knowledge of the Toronto area. Another mark of exceptional professionalism is Joel’s comfort level with discussing those areas – such as Kawarthas – he would prefer to refer to another agent. Joel makes himself available, when a client needs him, regardless of circumstances or the nature of questions and expertise. That is a rare quality, I have discovered, that I am not ever prepared to sacrifice again. I can’t see working with any other agent, now or in the foreseeable future. Joel is the gold standard in real estate.

Mitch F. (Buyer and Seller, 1988)
I am more than happy to write an excellent review of my real estate agent, Joel Lazarus. I have bought and sold my residences with Mr. Lazarus for almost twenty years and have always been impressed with the attention to detail that Joel provides. Joel always listens carefully and tailors his approach to meet my short and long term needs. I always feel that Joel looks after me as if I was part of his immediate family. He continually demonstrates that he has my best interests at heart. He always offers his honest opinion, even though he may not profit by the advice he gives. When I became brave enough to rent out my condo, Joel was able to inform me of many aspects of becoming a landlord that I hadn’t realized. When purchasing my home, Joel’s knowledge of locations, designs, floor plans, materials and colour selection has always steered me in the right direction and a beautiful finished product. Joel has a keen decorating sense and can visualize a beautiful end result. I have come to rely on Joel when it is time to make my material selections from the builder and he has been most happy to oblige. Joel has saved me a lot of money when choosing my selections and knows which upgrades are necessary and worth spending the money the builder is asking for. I will continue to recommend Joel’s services to my friends and family and to you. I hope you will consider making Joel Lazarus your agent as well.

Stephen B. (Buyer, 2016)
Joel’s knowledge of real estate is top notch. He took the time to educate me about positives and negatives of multiple properties we visited. His knowledge of things buyers are not aware of is very helpful such as future development, infrastructure and community development, . He took his time to show multiple properties and was patient with me during this process. His advice was very right and in hindsight I should have listened to him about selling one of my properties. Joel has a really good understanding of your needs now and your future needs which is ideal with such a large purchase. I’ve had the pleasure of working with Joel with two purchases and 1 potential sale and in all cases, he puts my needs first.

Diane L. (Buyer, 2016)
Joel Lazarus expressed exceptional attention to detail, expertise and knowledge. I appreciate Joel Lazarus’ commitment and integrity throughout the entire process of finding and purchasing my new home. Thank you for the opportunity to provide feedback. I am sincerely thankful to have worked with such a knowledgeable and caring professional.

moe M. (Buyer, 2005)
Over the past decade Joel has helped our family find perfect home. His experience in the Toronto market is fantastic. We love the community that we purchased in and I will continue to work with him in the future. If you are looking to find a sound investment I would strongly recommend you contact him.

Roland A. (Buyer and Seller, 2010 to 2016)
Joel Lazarus is the best real estate agent in town! He is the embodiment of knowledge and experience about the real estate business. When you have Joel, you’ve got it all. You don’t need to look any further. He is hardworking, patient, honest, friendly and easy going. Whether you are buying or selling Joel is your guy!